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Overview of common methods for Natural Language Processing in Chatbots

One of the most complex difficulties in developing a chatbot is the need to understand what was said by the end user. A chatbot that can extract the essence of what the end user is trying to say, will have the capacity to answer sufficiently. Since this is the basic and most important layer for the development of a sophisticated Chatbot, it is important to understand, at least on a basic level, the industry's current strategies for handling natural language. In the Academic world there is an entire field of knowledge, located somewhere between Linguistics and Computer Science, that revolves around the attempt to "understand" natural language when using computers. This field is called NLP - Natural Language Processing.
A broad view of the technologies available to Chatbot developers will enable you to evaluate the quality of the tools that various Chatbot platforms have to offer.

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We've already talked about it - Repetition in the Chatbot

The more sophisticated a Chatbot is, the better its ability becomes in remembering what was said and in which situation, and as a result provide a higher quality user experience. If you are looking to understand the implications of repetition in the conversation with the Chatbot, the impression it leaves on the user, and why it is problematic, you can find examples here that will illuminate the subject.
You can also learn about the feature we developed for this situation, “Smart data collection”, and see if it is suitable for you.

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The correct way to build a Chatbot that gathers critical information

In a pragmatic conversation there are a number of issues that are considered "Critical information". Without these critical pieces of information, it won’t be possible to perform the task the conversation was made for. A smart Chatbot knows how to collect those pieces and how to ensure that it has all the critical information. Before choosing the Chatbot platform, it is important to understand whether your business needs a "Critical information gathering" mechanism, and if so, which Chatbot platform will perform the task most effectively. In this article you will learn about the ways in which the Chatbot collects vital information, and how to help it achieve that goal.

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How is asking, and how is answering

If you need to figure out what type of Chatbot is right for your business, this article is for you. When you think of a Chatbot, you immediately think about the possibility for the end user to chat freely with your clever Chatbot. In practice, however, this almost never happens. Almost all of the Chatbots that exist today on the market do not allow the end user to chat "freely" with the Chatbot. The reason for this lies in the fact that the establishment and operation of a Chabot is very complex, and in order to narrow the range of possibilities, Chatbot developers limit the discourse to a very narrow narrative.

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Chatbot? what is this?

A Chatbot is a window on a Web site through which a conversation with a robot takes place, as opposed to a "live chat", where communication happens with a real human on the other end. This article will provide a basic understanding of the ways in which a chatbot service can affect your organization. It will briefly present the general advantages of the Chatbot, and will help the reader understand the advantages of the Chatbot in performing particular tasks.

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